WTF is this?

Bis auf weiteres bieten wir diesen Service nicht mehr an!

Due to the high production output of the KMWSC, we rely on external production slots. These external slots are the slots on your main or altchar. We “buy” these slots from you as a corporation!

How does it work?
You can see the prices in the store as “Collateral” value for the materials. These prices are higher than the cost of the materials for a reason – explanation later. If you “buy” one ore more package in the store, you will get a contract with the materials and the invoice amount. The contract will be created assigned to the character you specified during the oder process. Following this, you assemble the items for us and we buys them back from you for the fixed prices defined for this item. For this, you simply create a contract with the goods and the mentioned price to the XXX .

This is a 100% buyback guarantee for products which you “produce” through our store!

One sec, you buy back the finished articles from me?
YES! The XXX offers you a 100% buyback guarantee for all goods that were produced by you through the store. The buyback price can be found in the corresponding item description and is valid for the whole stack.
There will be no “partial buybacks” from us. If you buy an article which spits out 100 RIGs at the end, we will only buy the whole 100 from you and no partial quantities.
ATTENTION: If you buy 10 x the same article which gives 100 RIGs at the end you will have 1.000 Rigs at the end. In this case a “partial buyback” is possible as long as you want to return 1 whole stack (100 pieces) from each of the 10 articles.

Is there any difference if I buy a “expensive” or “cheap” package?
No! It makes no difference in the end you make exactly the same profit on all packages no matter how expensive or cheap and no matter how long the things take to build.

What do you pay me per slot?
We pay you so much per slot that you make almost 600 million profit with full utilization of a character and 10 of theoretically 11 possible slots. Installation costs of the jobs are already deducted here. With 3 characters with 10 slots each you make 1.8b at 100% utilization.

Where do you deliver and where do you build?
The whole process takes place in Y5C-YD . You receive the materials directly on the production structure and can also contract them from there to the XXX. Theoretically, you don’t have to be in Y5C-YD to take advantage of the offer, provided you have the right skills (Supply Managment IV). Start jobs remotely, collect and create contract => ISK
ATTENTION: The single BPC has to be built completely. So if you have a 10 run BPC you MUST complete these 10 runs in one go. If you don’t do this the provided material will not match anymore.

How long do I have to assemble and return the items?
In general, we do not give any deadlines. We rely on common sense and ask you to do it in a timely manner in case you want to return it to XXX.

Do I have to return it to XXX?
NO! You can also keep the final product. For this reason, the package price is also slightly higher than the material price.

Then I can sell it myself in Jita or 1DQ…!
All items that are offered by us and which you get through us, are not intended for sale on the market. The reason is obvious – we are trading these articles on the market. So they only allowed for own use!

What skills do I need to have?
Please refer to the corresponding product images for the skill requirements for building the items. The higher your skills are in terms of production speed, the more “profit” you can make.

Cool! How do I get an account to buy stuff here?
Notify “D4rkfly3r” or “Danny snyder” in-game or on jabber. We will create an account for you and you will get your username and password from us. You can change the password later.
Everybody gets only one account. If you should forget your login please contact the appropriate person. We only use ingame data and a placeholder mail adress. For this reason the “forgot password” functionality will not work!

Personal data…. You’re selling them to *insertrandomcorporationhere*!
We only use ingame data and the corpticker. More data is not needed for the whole process. So if you voluntarily add your real data in the account management – it’s your own fault, don’t do this!